Toddler Care – 1 to 2 1/2 years

School hours are 6:30am – 6pm, with full time programming M-F; please note no child can be in attendance for more than 10 hours a day. Children turning 12 months transition to our Dragonfly Classroom; see below for details about each toddler classroom.


Our youngest one year old class; state ratio is 1 to 6. Staff fills out daily sheets for each child. Staff writes times/type of diaper change. Times of naps are also written. Parents are responsible for bringing diapers/wipes, extra clothes, fitted crib sheet for nap mats and a small blanket.

At Jelly Bean Junction in Melbourne, we supply all meals: breakfast if child is attendance by 8:00am, lunch and an afternoon snack. We also supply sippy cups. Bottles and pacifiers are not used in the one year old rooms. Staff communicates with all parents via LifeCubby. It is important to take your daily sheet home with you at each pickup.

CURRICULUM USED: Toddler Program Staff uses the Creative Curriculum to create their lesson plans and will email their lesson plans on Fridays. Each week our Toddler Classrooms have a new Letter of the Week which is what their Weekly Theme is based on. All artwork for the week is based on the Weekly Theme as well as the Circle Time Stories. Artwork is sent home in Friday Folders.

Children go outside twice a day and their outside time focuses on physical activity, socialization and language building. Children are to wear sneakers and socks (no sandals, no flip flops) and comfortable play clothes.


Older one year old group, state ratio is 1 to 6. Children are moved up based on Director’s discretion or on the first day of our Fall Semester (which follows the Brevard County School Board yearly schedule). Butterfly class is run exactly like Dragonflies.

2 year old state ratio is 1 to 11. As children turn 2 they are transitioned into the Bear Cub classroom based on Director discretion or on the first day of our Fall Semester (which is the first day of school for the Brevard County School Board). In the Bear Cub Classroom, some children show signs of potty training readiness. Staff work along with parents to potty train children that parent and staff feel are ready.

Bear Cubs:

The Bear Cub classroom has daily sheets and documents when child made attempt to use the toilet so that the parents can carryover at home. During mealtimes, children no longer use sippy cups, they use open cups. Lesson plans and Friday folders are also utilized in this classroom. Focus is on learning through play utilizing the foundation of the Creative Curriculum.

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