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Infant Care Program | Melbourne

Infant Care for 6 Weeks to 12 months School hours are 6:30am-6pm, however, a child can not be in the center for more than ten hours any given day. Tours are done by appointment. Parents should tour as soon as they find out they are expecting as we typically have a wait list for the infant room since there are only 8 spots available.

BUNNY ROOM NOTES: Teacher ratio for infant room is 1 teacher to 4 babies. We have 2 teachers with 8 babies. Parents are asked to bring diapers, wipes and extra changes of clothes. JBJ provides baby formula, baby food and solid foods when child is ready. We welcome nursing parents and will store pumped milk in our refrigerators.

The infant program staff will communicate with parents daily via our LifeCubby App.

Staff thoroughly clean diaper changing area after each and every diaper change; staff also wear gloves during each diaper change. After baby is changed and placed back with friends to play, the diaper changing mat is cleaned with soap and water and then sprayed with bleach water. Staff member then washes hands before working with another child.

Toys are sanitized throughout the day. JBJ supplies sheets for cribs which are laundered on site. Each child has their own nap schedule in the baby room.

As the child nears their one-year birthday, our staff works to prepare the parent and child to transition the baby into the one-year old room. Staff works on getting the child adjusted to the one-year olds nap schedule and lunch time.

Pacifiers are not permitted in the one-year old room so we work with parent to wean child off pacifiers. Our staff members are extremely knowledgeable on infant/toddler development and are always available to work with parents and assist the child in all areas of development.

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