Our Vision

Pre-School Childcare Philosophy and Goals

Learning starts soon after birth with 90% of brain development occurring during the first five years of life. Children go through common stages of development: they each learn at their own pace, learn best by doing , and do what is interesting and fun for them. Children who have a positive self-concept are better able to cope with new situations, which is the essence of successful human development.

Our belief at Jelly Bean Junction is that learning has to be fun for your child! And that fun coupled with parental involvement, significant teacher-child interaction and a small group environment using a developmentally designed curriculum is best for early childhood development. In VPK, we measure your child’s development by assessing and monitoring their learning gains. This is what your child could do at the beginning of the year and this is what they know at the end of the year. We communicate with you on a regular basis your child’s developmental progress on an individual basis and as compared to other children.

Our programs are implemented by a caring, nurturing, highly trained, devoted, and qualified staff, including a degreed and certified early learning teacher who oversees curriculum and class plans. The primary concern of our staff is the well-being of your child and to see that your child enjoys age-appropriate learning experiences, acquiring all the skills and confidence needed to master a more structured future educational environment.

Jelly Bean Junction emphasizes a strong partnership with our parents. This is accomplished through several methods including frequent written progress reports, newsletters, parent-teacher conferences, and daily Facebook posts of activities. Make your child feel special and enthusiastic about their learning experience – participate and play a role!

Our facilities were designed with your child’s development in mind together with your child’s safety and security, including a full camera system. There is a pleasant atmosphere in tastefully decorated and maintained classrooms where all details are intended for a learning experience and includes a children’s library in each classroom along with tablets with learning software and games. Outside, we maintain separate age appropriate playgrounds with play equipment with soft and hard surfaces of different textures, all to enhance your child’s gross and fine motor skills and social development. In addition, we emphasize cleanliness and go to great lengths to ensure that we maintain a beautiful facility so that you as a parent can be proud to have your child attending the Jelly Bean Junction.  We employ two full-time custodians that clean the school daily at closing and on the weekends.


3115 New York Ave
Melbourne, Florida 32934

(321) 242-2011