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Learning With Blocks

Dear Families, The hardwood unit blocks you see in our classroom are among our most valuable learning materials. They come in proportional sizes a ...Continue Reading


Dramatic Play

In the Dramatic Play area, children take on different roles and enact real-life experiences. They use props and make-believe to deepen their under ...Continue Reading


Promoting Language Development

Promoting Language Development Language development is one of the most fascinating facets of human growth. Surely you’ve noticed that a ...Continue Reading

Art in Our Preschool Curriculum 

Art in Our Preschool Curriculum

Dear Families, Art is an important part of our preschool curriculum. Every day, children find a variety of art materials available on o ...Continue Reading


Preschoolers Outdoor Activities

Outdoor Activities for Preschoolers Got a a bored preschooler on your hands? Take ’em outside! A blast of sunshine and a bit of a breeze go  ...Continue Reading

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Picking the Perfect Preschool

Choosing your child’s preschool or childcare center is both an exciting and daunting prospect. Regardless of the qualities you’r ...Continue Reading

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